Blake Lively gives the hottest blowjob on bed

August 9th, 2016 by J

The stunning actress from Los Angeles has a good head on her shoulders. You could ask Blake Lively’s husband, Ryan Reynolds, and he might just give you a naughty grin in return. See, Lively is one hell of a catch and it’s not just according to past flings or boyfriends and not just some confession her husband would make. But saying that she’s got a good head on her shoulders actually means beyond her being a gorgeous chick with the brains to boot, she also mastered the skill of pleasuring her man by giving one hot head. See what we did there?

Giving one hot blowjob!

Aside from the typical meaning of the term, Lively enjoys her man’s head by sensually licking and holding and sucking on it while she teases on cam in the nude. She doesn’t even have to go rough as she is more in tuned with her lust for pleasuring her partner by doing it slow and steady, making sure that she feels every wriggle and throb of that stiff cock inside her hands and mouth. She particularly enjoys it when she fills her mouth with the entire meat and eventually make her hubby shoot loads of jizz up in the air!

Blake Lively joins hot lesbian sex

April 5th, 2016 by J

Blake Lively in lesbian sex

Just like her character in the film The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Blake Lively is as wild as her real life character. She gets it on with girls too and wanted two of them at a time! Watch her get that pussy eaten and play with drippin’ wet cunts.

Blake Lively enjoys rough doggystyle sex

March 2nd, 2016 by J

Right before the supposedly happily ever after marrying Ryan Reynolds, Blake has her fair share of sleeping around and creating souvenirs such as this video to remember her single wild days by. There’s just one problem and it’s her husband being much of the jealous type that’s why Blake has kept this naughty keepsake from her past. But you know people, oftentimes secrets as big as this don’t get kept for a long time. Being linked to a number of hunks in showbiz, including Leo DiCaprio, it’s not a surprise because she’s actually some wild chick up for anything naughty and one of her favorites is to dress up like a cowgirl only to get banged hard by a dog. Well, of course we meant doggystyle, but you get the point.

Blake Lively enjoys doggystyle sex

This video shows her love for the fun of dressing up and getting her tight cunt stretched and loosen by a naughty FuBu. If you like banging your chick from behind like a rabid dog, you’ll definitely have a blast with Blake if you’d stuff her pussy this way too. It’s doggystyle all the way. It’s obviously her favorite and might be the position she did with Ryan when they made that kid of theirs. You know what they say, fucking and spilling your seeds this way is a sure fire technique to spawn a critter. Let’s not just go about telling Ryan we know the secret so he’d think he’s the only one plowing her wife’s holes in the manner that he thought was exclusive to them. Watch Blake take that dick rough as she pushes herself hard on this dude’s huge boner.

Blake Lively Does Some Hardcore Fucking

September 14th, 2010 by blake

hot blake lively sex

Get a load of these hardcore Blake Lively nude photos!  These pictures made us go loco and it’s not the typical nude pictures you get to see everyday over the internet. We have here the hottest and the raunchiest hardcore photos of  Blake as she takes on these guys for some serious hardcore fuck sessions.

hot blake lively fucking

Blake Lively is one awesome sex machine! See this Gossip Girl star get her fuck holes plugged with the meanest and hungriest cocks. If we had a swell time drooling and wanking over these pictures, then you guys will definitely have a ball unloading your wad with this exclusive photo collection that we have compiled, just check out these hot Blake Lively naked pictures.
sexy blake lively naked

Blake Lively Masturbating With A Banana

April 22nd, 2010 by blake

I never thought Blake Lively would ever get this horny, but I guess it was only a matter of time after seeing those hardcore pics of her last time…  But even getting fucked and reamed by some lucky guy more normal than what comes up next.  Because here we have this leggy blonde hottie with her legs spread and a long, yellow fruit stuffed in her twat.  Now that’s the tastiest banana-stuffed muffin I’ve ever seen!

I never thought I’d see the day when Blake Lively would have to turn to a piece of fruit to achieve sexual orgasm.  She’s had boyfriends before, and I’m sure she’s been in lots of flings and one-night stands.  I mean she’s Blake Lively, one of the hottest blondes on our TV screen, so she can have any guy she wants flat on his back in a second!  I guess there’s just something to be said about masturbation, and using a dirty dildo-substitute like this lucky banana.  I know I’d trade places with it any day!

As I’m sure would you.  So if you want even more of Blake Lively’s dirty deeds, make sure you check out this lusty Blake Lively site because they’ve got all her dirty pics and videos on it.  I personally love the place, and I bet you will too!

Pictures of Blake Lively Getting Fucked

July 20th, 2009 by blake

With those long blonde locks, perfect pair of lush, supple tits, and a pussy that rivals the freshness of pink roses, what self-respecting man alive would be able to resist the ever lovely Blake Lively? Indeed, Blake Lively is the object of every man’s dreams! No man wouldn’t want to be with her, no man wouldn’t want to see her naked. No  man wouldn’t want to be sucked dry by her, and no man wouldn’t want to fuck her brains out! It’s simply the purpose of every man’s existence – to get Blake Lively in bed!

Unfortunately, that purpose can’t be fulfilled by many since Blake is uber hot and it only follows that she has some big-hitting suitors: Gossip Girl co-star Penn Badgely and X-man Hugh Jackman, among millions of others. However, for us horny bastards who would just like to know how it feels to fulfill that ultimate destiny, here are some hot pictures of Blake Lively getting down and dirty! You read right! Blake Lively being fucked like there’s no tomorrow! What are you waiting for? If hot pics of Blake Lively getting fucked are what turn you on, click here! This is your chance to live out your ultimate fantasy!

Blake Lively Nipple Slip

December 16th, 2008 by blake

Yeah, I know you can’t see her face, but trust me, that’s Blake Lively trying to dodge the paparazzi while in the car by ducking under the dashboard.  Oops!  Big mistake, Blake.  Her evasive maneuver just gave the paps an even better shot than if she’d just sat there and smiled for the cameras.  That’s because by ducking underneath, her luscious boobies almost popped out of her skimpy top.  In fact, one tit popped out enough that some lucky photographers got a photo of her nipple half-peeking out of that dress.  And now we have that photo here for all of you horny Blake Lively fans to pleasure yourself over.  Check out that nipple — it seems pretty big to me, or maybe it’s just the weird angle?  For a long-legged beauty, we sure have a lot of breast exposure from this blonde hottie.

And there’s even lots more of Blake Lively nude on this site, so click on that link back there, now!

Blake Lively Sexy Bikini Pics At The Beach

December 16th, 2008 by blake

Now these photos of Blake Lively at the beach in a sexy bikini would be just about perfect for wanking off to except for one thing — she’s getting frisky with her childhood classmate, “Gossip Girl” co-star, and current boyfriend Penn Badgely.  Now how much more preppy can you get with a name like Penn Badgely?  No matter who he plays on the show, he’s probably ten times as insufferable in person.  Okay, so there’s a chance he could be a nice guy, but I don’t care.  He’s still the guy in these pics who gets to fondle Blake Lively’s sexy body, and that just ruins these pics for me.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy these photos of Blake Lively in a bikini yourself.  It’s also a big turn on seeing a horny couple go at it, and how could these two not be hot for each other, being on vacation in Mexico and all that?  I’m sure they didn’t plan on there being any paparazzi around, and this getaway was for one purpose only — getting some hot, steaming nookie!

So go on and put on those argyle socks and knitted sweater with a shirt and tie underneath and fantasize about being Penn Badgely, if that’s what floats your boat.  As for me, I’d rather glance at these photos and then head on over to this site, where you can find Blake Lively unencumbered by any male companion and doing all the naughty things you wish she’d do for you.

Blake Lively’s Got Nice Cleavage

December 16th, 2008 by blake

Blake Lively ain’t all about those long, shapely legs after all.  In this screencap and in the photos, it’s undeniable — she’s got great boobs too.  Her cleavage is awe-inspiring as she struts around town in her short, low-cut dresses.  She must be wearing those kinds of outfits on purpose, to distract all the horndogs she comes across.  I mean, what do you check out first, her long, luscious legs or her nice, firm cleavage?  I guess the answer’s easy if you’re a breast man or a leg man, but what if you’re horny for everything about a gal, and go for the first thing that stands out about her?  There’s just so much about Blake Lively that’s hot, but hell, that’s a good thing, so you won’t hear me complaining.  With these views of her lovely bosom, there’s no way breast men can ignore this blonde babe any more, and those who like long legs can now enjoy her for other reasons as well!

Of course, there are other parts of Blake Lively that would make any guy stand at attention if ever they got a peek at those luscious tidbits.  Well, you can do that by clicking on this link!  So what are you waiting for?