Blake Lively Nude

If you’re drooling over the babes of the hot teen TV show “Gossip Girl”, chances are you’re part of  one of two camps.  One camp would be the guys who worship brown-haired hottie Leighton Meester or the beautiful blonde Blake Lively.  Now if you’re here then it’s got to be the latter you prefer, so welcome to the place where we can fulfill our wish to see Blake Lively nude.  This lean and lanky blonde babe is number one on that show in our book, and with her success on the big screen, we think that our worship is well-placed.  Blake’s a cutie who’s going to be around for some time, and we can’t wait for her to mature and expand her repertoire with more risque roles.

Blake was born in Tarzana , California to a showbiz family where everyone, from both parents to her four other siblings, is involved in the entrtainment industry.  Now that’s a good way to start a career, especially if you’ve already got the right genes for it, as Blake obviously does.  The surprising thing about her career is that she wasn’t interested in acting at all, despite her background.  But when her brother’s agent sent her out on auditions during the summer break between her junior and senior year, she bagged one of the four main roles in “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants“, and the rest is history.

The role got her a 2006 Teen Choice Award nomination for “Choice Movie Breakout – Female”, and it was definitely a break out role for her, which she reprised in the 2008 sequel of this teen chick flick.  Two more movie roles in “Accepted” and “Simon Says” came her way in 2006, but more success and fame was waiting the following year, when she was cast as Serena van der Woodsen in the CW series “Gossip Girl”, which premiered during the fall season.  This tall and sexy honey has since been a fixture on men’s magazine Hot Babe lists, teen and women’s magazine covers, and in the tabloids, of course, where alleged backstage fighting among the “Gossip Girl” cast always makes for good copy.

She finally bagged the Teen Choice Award that eluded her in 2006, and even did one better by bringing home two at this year’s ceremonies, one for Choice TV Actress Drama and another for Choice TV Breakout Star Female.  They were both for her part in “Gossip Girl” of course.  And speaking of gossip, if you check out Blake Lively Nude, you’ll be privy to some really hot pics and video of our lovely Ms. van der Woodsen.  Your pants will definitely be travelling — down to the floor when you unbutton it — because of the sizzling hot Blake Lively material that you can find there.